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The 905er asks: “What is the true cost of COVID-19″

April 27, 2021

A year into the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to take stock and remind ourselves why we locked down. Amidst the sound and fury of the political debates, the voices of those who have experienced Covid-19 have largely been drowned out.

Ashley Comrie spent two months in hospital with Covid-19 a year ago. She is still recovering and dealing with serious ongoing physical and psychological health challenges caused by the nightmare of Covid. A few weeks ago she wrote a Twitter thread about the government’s handling of the third wave that went viral. It perfectly summed up the frustration many of us have had with the failure to do the things needed to stop spread, combined with the insight that only a person who has experienced the worst of Covid can have.

Every day of this pandemic, we need to keep the experience of people like Ashley Comrie front and centre. She has experienced everything … not just the worst of Covid, but the worst behaviour that the pandemic has brought out in a vocal minority. The fact that, after all that, she is still cheerful and delightful guest is testament to an extraordinary person.

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