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The 905 Round-Up:Tory Riding Bonuses and Scandal in the Red Hill Valley

May 12, 2022

This week saw the media and political parties foam at the mouth at the revelation by the NDP that Lisa MacLeod, Ontario PC MPP in Nepean was given an allowance of $44,000 over the last four years from her riding association.  Further investigation saw that up to 8 other PC MPPs took thousands of dollars from their riding associations in similar manners.  Including here in the 905, Mississauga East-Cooksville MPP, Kaleed Rasheed.  While many at first looked at this as a clear scandal of financial abuse, Roland wrote for our website a detailed article on why it is not.  Joel and Roland debate the ethics of this and whether or not this is actually a scandal or just a case of too much money to spend.

Then, after the break, Roland and Joel focus their attention on Hamilton.  Specifically, the latest revelations of the Red Hill Valley Parkway scandal.  How did Hamilton get to this point?  While the truth is slowly coming out, we have to wonder whether or not a culture of obtuseness, secrecy and arrogance was a factor in this report and truth being so difficult to come to the surface.  These traits in 905 municipal governments are a troubling trend.  Both Roland and Joel explore what this means for the region.

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