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Election 2021: Mike Moffat discusses what the parties should do to end the housing affordability crisis

August 31, 2021

Weeeee'rrrrrreeee back from our August break a few days early so we can fit in some great election coverage that focuses on the issues the 905 is facing. We promise as close to zero coverage of partisan games and gotcha politics as we can get, and a maximum of investigating real, honest-to-goodness policies, both those that the parties should be promising, and exploration of the policies the parties are promising.

We kick off our election coverage with the return of Mike Moffat, Senior Director, Smart Prosperity and Assistant Prof, Ivey Business School, as we look at one of the issues dominating the early days of federal campaigns - housing affordability. Today we'll be looking at what an expert like Mike thinks the parties should be doing. In future episodes we'll putting those points directly to party representatives as we explore their platform promises.

Mike Moffatt is Senior Director, Smart Prosperity and Assistant Prof, Ivey Business School. You can find much more on this subject and others at and on Twitter at

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